Onboarding Student Employees

  1.  Log-in to Office 365 and check the availability of the username. 
  2. Create account in AD and fill in the following fields, which can be found in Red Flag
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • User logon name
    • Choose a password and check only Password does not expire
    • Description
    • E-mail (HU email address)
    • Job Title
    • Department
    • Manager
  3. Add HU ID to employeeID AD attribute
  4. Enable remote mailbox in exmig: Enable-remotemailbox "Display Name" -remoteroutingaddress "user@huntingtonedu.mail.onmicrosoft.com"
  5. Add user to Office 365 group
  6. Add user to one of the following groups depending on their location:
    1. Student Employee - Huntington
    2. Student Employee - Fort Wayne
    3. Student Employee - Arizona
  7. Add user to All Employees - PaperCut group in AD
  8. Add user to Adobe CC - Employees group if appropriate
  9. Add user to emergency notification system at https://www.blackboardconnect.com using the user's Huntington email address
  10. Assign PaperCut Account to User
  11. Assign Zoom License to account, if appropriate.
  12. Copy the message below and send it to both the new employee's student account and their newly created employee account email.

Welcome to Huntington University!  Below is some information regarding your HU ID number and access to Huntington University e-mail:

• Your HU ID# is: 
• Your username is: 
• Your password is: 
• Huntington University E-mail address: 

Please follow these steps to enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication and change your password:

Go to http://my.huntington.edu (Note: Do not type “www” in front of “my.”)
Click the HU Email link.
Enter your email address and password
Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enrollment process using your cell phone number or Microsoft Authenticator app.

After completing MFA enrollment, open a new browser tab or window and return to the Campus Portal homepage:

Click the Reset Password link.
Sign in with your username (the name preceding @huntington.edu from your email address) and password.
Complete the verification challenge using the temporary code sent to your email.
Delete the message containing the verification code, once sign-in is complete.
Change your password.

IT Services recommends using Microsoft Outlook if you plan to check your HU email from a mobile device.

For more info, please see: https://w2.outlook.com/l/mobile

Logging onto the Huntington University Portal:

1. Log in to the Portal at http://my.huntington.edu/
2. At the top right corner, Enter your Username –Enter your password.

If you have any questions or issues logging on, please contact the Help Desk at 260-359-4357 or by email at helpdesk@huntington.edu

Creation date: 10/30/2023 4:56 PM      Updated: 10/30/2023 4:56 PM