Adding New Programs on

After logging in to ExpressionEngine hover over 'Entries' in the left column, then hover over 'Program' and click the '+' icon.

Fill out relevant information and click 'Save'.

Fields (fields in bold with an asterick are required)
  • *Title: This field is the text that will show up on the website when referencing the program.
  • Program Link: If a user should be able to click this program and be direct to the page, the link needs entered here.
  • *Program Type: This determines where the program will show up (Undergraduate is currently the only one hooked up).
  • *Image: This is used as the thumbnail when displaying an image for the program (such as the 'Programs' bloq).
  • Has a Major: Select if the program has a major
  • Has a Minor: Select if the program has a minor

Categories Tabs
Make sure to select the appropriate categories this program belongs to on the Categories tab. This determines where this program will display when adding program bloqs to the site.

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