Install HUPrinter and HUPrinter_Color (Summer 2023 Update)

1. Open Windows File Explorer (the yellow folder on the taskbar)

2. In the indicated area below, type in the following: \\printing and press Enter

3. Double click the "Install" folder

4. Double click the "installhuprinter" file. 

5. A window may appear asking if it is alright to install the PaperCut Client. Click Accept. If the window does not appear, that is fine also.

6. After the installation finishes, find PaperCut MF in your list of applications by clicking on the middle Windows button, clicking "All Apps" and then scrolling down until you find "PaperCut MF Client". You may need to open a folder of the same name first.

Creation date: 5/5/2023 8:40 AM      Updated: 5/5/2023 8:40 AM
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