How to Send a Fax Using An HU Printer

The following offices at the Huntington location will have printers that also double as fax machines. Please follow the instructions below at one of these printers to send a fax:

1. Log into the Printer by scanning your card or enter your username/password

2. At the next screen, click on "Access Device"


 3. Tap if the fax is for your personal account or your work account if the following screen appears.


 4. Tap "Fax"


 5. Select "Manual Entry"


 6. Type in the recipients fax number, then tap "Add"


 7. Place the document you wish to scan in the scanner or in the paper feeder at the top of the printer if it is multiple pages

8. Verify the phone number at the screen below and press "Send". You will receive a message stating that the fax is in process; at this time you are free to logout of the printer. The fax may take up to 10 minutes to completely send.

Creation date: 2/15/2023 1:17 PM      Updated: 2/15/2023 1:22 PM
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