Respondus: Accessing web domains using the lockdown browser

When setting up the Respondus lockdown browser, external web links included in a Moodle exam by default are blocked.

With the LockDown Browser Dashboard, modify the specific quiz or exam by "Allow access to specific external web domains" in the "Modify Settings-Advanced Settings" option (see below). This setting allows a student to access any page or link within the specified domain, for example, this provides access to an e-book during an exam.  This functionality is available for Windows, Mac, and iPad editions of LockDown Browser.

To add a valid site, such as a publisher's e-book, the instructor must first add the web links to the exam itself, usually the first question. The link cannot be in any exam instructions outside the active exam. The web links must also be configured to "open in a new window or new tab", not the "same window".

The instructor then enters the "domain" of all the locations including any specific paths. Multiple domains can be entered, separated by commas. Do not include the "http:" or "https:" protocols or any parameters staring at a "?" in the address.

Once the link is clicked on by the student, that link will open in a second tab and remain open during the exam until the student closes it. If you desire to have the domain open during the entire exam, it's only necessary to place the link in the first question.

Creation date: 12/5/2022 1:59 PM      Updated: 12/5/2022 2:01 PM
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