Load GPA data for Education Office

Loaded Beth's gpa's into the SP15 stu_acad_rec.maj_gpa field by following instructions below. Then move file to ~sylvia/informers/ directory. Then, vi majorgpa.sql to update to current sess/yr and change name of .txt file, if needed, and run.

New instructions that can be substituted for above tab delim instructions:
double click on icon on my desk top called "Delimiting Macros".
(instructions are in this file)
1-First select the excel worksheet and the cells you want to be delimited.
(Make sure you select cells so they show highlighted in blue)
short-cut: hold down the Shift key, use the right arrow to arrow over all
cells you need to select, then hit "End" key and down arrow. This will
select all cells.
1.5 Make sure you have clicked "Enable editing" in the Excel file first.
2-The press keys: Ctrl + q
3-A window will pop up and select the appropriate option. Usually "Character delimited" with a pipe (|) in the window below.
4-Then enter the output location of the file (where you want to save it).
It will ask for a destination file. Put in H:\filename.txt
Then, hit OK and wait at least 10 seconds (more if file is larger)
This will save the file to your H drive and you access that by going
to "Computer" under "start/program" icon.
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