Pacesetter Giving Club



  1. % cd develop/informers (/opt/carsi/modules/develop/informers)
  2. % make co F=Hpaceclub
  3. % vi Hpaceclub
  4. Change all years by incrementing up one year.  For example change 05/31/2020 to 05/31/2021 etc. to reflect new dontot  end dates etc. {I've made comments in curly brackets as to where changes needed to be made in the file.  then do the following commands}
  5. % make cii F=Hpaceclub
  6. % cd $INFPATH/develop (/opt/carsi/install/inf/develop). 
  7. Check date on Hpaceclub to make sure it is updated by doing the following command
    % ll *Hpaceclub*

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