macOS Users Required to Sign In with an Old Password after Password Reset

Problem: macOS users may need to sign in to their Mac with an old password. 
Solution: This can be resolved by restarting the computer while connected to the wired network.
Cause: Macs are unable to connect to HU_Secure wi-fi before signing into a user account. Connecting the mac to the wired network at HU allows the computer to contact the domain controller before and during sign in to validate the current password.

Note: if the user has FileVault enabled, they may need to go to System Preferences - Users and Groups and reset their password on the mac. The user should enter the current HU password for all three password blanks (Current, New and Confirm). macOS will display a message that the password was not changed, but this process should update the Filevault password for the user allowing them to only sign in a single time upon restarting their Mac.
Creation date: 6/30/2020 1:40 PM      Updated: 6/30/2020 1:40 PM