ADR Multiple Generations in CX/Mailings Jumping to Grandparents

An issue was identified years ago, but never documented, where certain mailings that were to be addressed to parents of students would incorrectly 'jump' a generation and be addressed to the grandparent instead.  This happens on those IDs on our system where we have students who have PC relationship records and then their parents also have PC relationship records for their parents, who would be the students grandparents.  The advancement office years ago developed a fix for this problem which involves adding a "PARENTS" adr_rec on the parent of the registered students record.  Then, you also need to be sure to use the runcode of "PARENTS" in any program that will do a mailing for these registered students.  You can find additional notes and ID examples on ticket #76222.  Below is an example of how the adr_rec should look:


id                  [1427       ]

run_code            [PARENTS ]

aa                  [    ]

use_rel             [HW  ]

use_prim            [ ]

join_rel            [HW  ]

lbl_style           [F]

salut_style         [I]

name_line_no        [1     ]

use_suffix          [N]

use_title           [Y]

dup                 [N]

priority            [0     ]

Creation date: 11/2/2020 4:11 PM      Updated: 11/2/2020 4:11 PM