Finding a CX Table Name and/or Field Name

If you have a ticket where someone needs a field updated via sql or you just need to know where a field is located ask the person where the field is located on a screen.  When that screen is loaded, get in 'Update' mode, then click on the field that you are trying to find and hit the 'F5' key and select the 'Detail' button.  In the example below I was searching for the field Acknowledgement.  The screen below shows the CX table name and field name.  In this example, the table name was donor_rec and the field name was ack.  CX Users in each office can do these steps as well.  A quick way to look at the data in this field would be to go to the CX shell and type in "senter2 donor_rec".  Then, do a 'q' for query and put in a valid ID number and hit escape.  The table in question could possibly have more than one screen.  You will see the commands at the top of the screen: Query, Next, Previous, View, Add, Update, Remove, Table Screen.  Using senter2 should be another Knowledge base article!

Creation date: 5/27/2021 12:30 PM      Updated: 11/28/2022 4:46 PM
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