How to Network License Maya


View license information

  1. Click your user account > Manage License. The License Manager dialog displays a list of licenses currently active in this session.
  2. To see license details, expand the drawer on an active license.

Borrow a license

Borrowing a network license allows temporary use of a product on an offline computer.

Note: Not all products support license borrowing.

  1. Click your user account > Manage License.
  2. Click Borrow in the License Manager.
  3. In the Borrow A License calendar, click the date when you will return the license. This date must be within the valid range. The valid range is six months or the subscription term, whichever is shorter, or the range you specified in an options file.
  4. In the License Borrowed message, click Close. The license is borrowed, allowing the product to be used offline.
  5. When you are ready to return the license, click Return in the License Manager.

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