How to add new Pacesetters to Virtuous

Marcy Hawkins will receive an email from Metabase when a contact meets the qualifications to be a Pacesetter and hasn't been identified in Virtuous as a Pacesetter yet. Below is the agreed-upon process of how to recognize them as Pacesetters in Virtuous.

  1. Marcy will forward that email on...
    1. Approved pacesetters get sent to Anita. If the contact is not already assigned an Organization Group (Portfolio), Marcy will tell Anita what Organization Group to put them in.
    2. Contacts that are not approved and should be removed from the list will be sent to Jason Boothman, who will update the Metabase SQL and remove them from the list.
  2. Anita will login to Virtuous and...
    1. Add the "New Pacesetter" tag to the approved contacts
    2. Add a new row to the "Giving Clubs" custom collection for each approved contact.
      Giving Club Name = Pacesetter
      Date Enrolled = the date they became a Pacesette
  3. The next day, the "Giving Club - New Pacesetter" workflow will pull in everyone who was given a tag of "New Pacesetter" and run the following actions...
    1. Run Wealth Data
    2. Add "Giving Club - Pacesetter (Current)" tag
    3. Add "Pacesetter Magazine" tag (set to expire in 365 days)
    4. Assign "Thank New Pacesetter" task to Marcy
    5. Assign "Check Pacesetter Renewal Status" task to Marcy
    6. Remove the "New Pacesetter" tag
  4. The day after that, with the "New Pacesetter" having been removed, the contact will be removed from the workflow.
  5. Marcy will either re-assign those tasks to the appropriate people or keep them for herself.
Creation date: 4/18/2024 11:37 AM      Updated: 4/18/2024 11:37 AM