Respondus Error for Quizzes OR Why is "This quiz appears to have been copied from another location, and the settings are incorrect. Your instructor needs to use the LockDown Browser Dashboard to correct the settings before the quiz can be used." showing up for a quiz?

1. Log into Moodle and then select the "My Courses" tab at the top. Choose which of your courses you would like to make changes in.
2. Ensure that the "Course" tab is selected directly below the course's name.
3. Turn on Edit Mode by toggling the slider at the top right of the screen.
4. If not already showing, open the Block Drawer by choosing the arrow (<) below the Edit Mode slider.
5. If not already showing, click on "Add a Block" and choose "Respondus LockDown Browser" from the list in the new window.
6. In the Respondus LockDown Browser block, click on "Dashboard..."
7. This should list all of the quizzes in the course, along with stating if the LockDown Browser and Proctoring are Required and Active. If you notice any that are not correctly set up, click on the down arrow next to the quiz (V) and choose "Settings"
8. From this area, you can choose if you want to require the Lockdown Browser and Proctoring for the quiz. If students are reporting they cannot access the quiz using an iPad and you wish for them to be able to do so, click on "Advanced Setting" and click on the radio button next to " [explain]"
9. Click on "Save and Close"
Creation date: 1/18/2024 7:59 AM      Updated: 1/18/2024 7:59 AM