How to fix SEM phone numbers that are incorrectly categorized

When you first add a Phone Number and give it a Phone Type, the phone_rpt table in SEM keeps that Phone Type and does not update it, which can cause issues in reporting. In order to get the phone number correctly classified in the phone_rpt table, we have to create a new phone number and end the old one.

  1. SEM doesn't allow duplicated active phone numbers, so you first have to go into the number that is there and modify it temporarily to something else (make sure to write down what the actual phone number is). In the below example, the phone number is 575-835-6020. I'm going to change that number to 575-835-6021, and then click "Save".

  2. Add a new phone number, making sure to get all the information correct (including the priority flag), and click "Save".
  3. You should now have two active phone numbers - the one we just added (835-6020), and the one we temporarily changed (835-6021).

  4. Now, modify the original number in the system (that we temporarily changed to 835-6021). Change the phone number back to what it should be, give it an End Date, and click "Save".

  5. Your screen should now look similar to the following. The initial number (which had the incorrect Phone Type) will be ended, and the new phone will be active.

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