How to Sign into Zoom as the Host of a Meeting OR Why do I keep getting stuck with Zoom saying "Waiting for the Host to start the Meeting"

1. Open the Zoom application by either: 

(A) Clicking on the Windows button on the taskbar and finding Zoom in the “All Apps” area  

(B) Clicking on the Zoom shortcut on the taskbar  

(C) Clicking on the Zoom shortcut on the desktop




2. In the Zoom window that pops up, click on the icon of your picture or initial in the top right corner, and then choose “Sign Out” from the menu that appears.

3. Close out of the Zoom window by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner.

4. Open a web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) and navigate to Sign in using your HU account information if necessary.

5. Navigate to the course for which you will be hosting a meeting for by clicking on “My Courses” and then choosing the correct course. (image below is shown as an example, the names of your courses will differ)

 6. Click on the “Weekly Zoom Meeting” link

7. Click on the “Join Meeting” button

8. This should reopen Zoom and sign you in as your Huntington University account. If you enter the Zoom waiting room, you may need to select the red text that reads “Sign in as host” and enter your HU account information in the browser window that appears.


Creation date: 11/28/2023 11:06 AM      Updated: 11/28/2023 11:54 AM
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