Accessing Art/Gallery Inventory

Giving access to the gallery/art inventory database is done via an AD group called 'FM Art Inventory'.

Accessing Inventory on iPad (via FileMaker)
  1. Open the FileMaker app on the iPad
  2. In the lower right, tap on the database icon (the icon of three stacked cylinders)
  3. In the left pane, there should be an option for; long tap on and tap on the Log In button that appears
  4. Sign in using your HU username and password (if that doesn't work, you may need to enter your email address)
  5. Tap on the Art Inventory option in the right pane. The Art Inventory should then appear on the screen.
Creation date: 9/28/2023 8:22 AM      Updated: 9/28/2023 8:22 AM