Batch Updates of Candidacy statuses in SEM

E) End of Term processing

1.       Create a quick report of the candidacies you would like to use in the end of term processing.

a)       Include Candidate and Candidacy IDs in the report

b)      Save this report where you can find it.

2.       Select Dead-End Admissions Status or Roll Candidacies for an enrollment period forward.

3.       Select your saved query

a)       Run Query

b)      Check rows are correct

c)       Click Next

4.       a) Dead-End Admissions Status

                                                               i.      Choose the status you want the students from and the status you want them move to and the reason why.

1.       You must have these valid transitions setup in the Admissions Status Transition Table for this process to run correctly.

                                                             ii.      Click next

                                                           iii.      Confirm this is the expected number of candidacies you expect to move forward.

1.       You can click ‘View Calculated Date’ to view rows that will be transitioning.


                                                            iv.      Click Schedule Job

                                                             v.      Name the Job and choose when you want this job to run.

1.       Unless this is a big job you can run this job now or schedule or for later in the day when the system is quiet.

b)      Roll candidacies for an enrollment period forward

                                                               i.      Choose the enrollment period the candidacies are moving from and the enrollment period the candidacies are moving to.

1.       Your query may have already selected the enrollment period. If that is the case, select the enrollment period again.

                                                             ii.      Decide if you will “Set all candidacies to Admission Status” or if you will “Retain existing admission statuses on each candidacy”

1.       If you choose to “Set all candidacies to Admission Status” then all candidacies will be set to the same status. This might be useful if you want everyone moving to the new semester set to Applied status because you don’t need an application again but they still need to be reviewed for acceptance.

2.       The “Retain existing admissions statuses on each candidacy” might be more useful if you are bringing over candidacies from multiple admissions statuses. This will bring over each student as the status they are currently in.

B)      Each Admissions Status you are retaining needs to have a ‘Previous Status’ to XXX ( current status) for reason of XXX (Transfer from prior term) in the admissions status transition table. Otherwise these candidacies will not move forward.

3.       Choose if Admissions Type will stay the same or be set to different type, choose if intended programs will stay the same or be set to a different intended program.

4.       Decide what else should be copied over regarding candidacy details, referral sources, and candidacy concerns.

5.       Click Next.

6.       Observe the number of candidacies that will be processed. Click cancel if incorrect and make changes if needed.

7.       Click Schedule Job, name the job as you find appropriate and run the job at the time needed.

Close the window between different operations: When using End of Term processing for multiple operations, please close the window after each individual operation to ensure all settings are cleared from one task to the next.


Important! Do not process jobs with greater than 2,500 candidacies!

Creation date: 11/6/2018 1:08 PM      Updated: 11/6/2018 1:08 PM
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