Tuition Remission Script

I have updated stubill/scripts/Htuitrem to pass FA and SM terms.  I am also creating a knowledge base article for this.  So, the next time you need this updated, you don't need to open this old ticket, just open a new ticket and reference Tuition Remission Script.

% cd stubill/scripts
% vi Htuitrem
{Use a vi global command to update all old session terms to new session terms Example:  :g/FA/s//SP/g  }
{then do }
% make cleanup tinstall F=Htuitrem

I HAD A LOT of problems with updating the session and year this semester (Spring 2021).  It wouldn't update the terms no matter what I tried.  Finally Paul suggested I delete the files (Htuitrem*) sitting out in /tmp.  This FINALLY fixed the issue.  Doesn't seem to make sense.  But, it fixed it.
Creation date: 4/9/2019 3:33 PM      Updated: 5/20/2021 11:06 AM