Use Dell Support Assist to do Preliminary Troubleshooting/Diagnostics

1. Before beginning, closeout of any applications and save any work that may be in progress. This scan will restart your computer and may cause you to lose unsaved work.

2. Locate the Dell Support Assist application on your computer (If you do not see this icon, download the program from

3. After the Dell SupportAssist application opens, you may see a popup about protecting your PC. Click dismiss. Click the “Troubleshooting” tab (red box) and then “I want to Troubleshoot My PC” (green box).

4. Click “I want to scan my entire PC” and then click on “Start”. The scan may take upwards of 2 hours to complete, and will then produce a document with any potential issues with your system.

Creation date: 6/1/2022 4:37 PM      Updated: 11/28/2022 2:21 PM
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