1. Click on "Security and Privacy"

    1. In the left pane, scroll down to find "Full Disk Access", then click the lock icon

    1. Type in an administrator's username and password in the dialog box that appears
    2. Click the "+" button in the right pane, then navigate to Applications>Screenwriter 6.7>Screenwriter and click "Open"

  1. Attempt to open Screenwriter again. If you still receive the error message, continue to Step 7. If you do not, use Screenwriter as normal.


  1. Only continue if you are unable to access Screenwriter. Click on Finder in the Dock, and then Applications. Scroll down to find the Screenwriter 6.7 folder.

    1. Drag the folder to the Trash can, and then Empty the trashcan. 

    1. Press "Command" and "K" to access a network drive, then type in smb://serenity/software
    2. Double click on the Screenwriter folder, and then drag the DMG file to the desktop

    1. Double click the DMG file and follow the instructions to install Screenwriter
    2. Click on Finder, then navigate to Applications>Screenwriter 6.7 and double click on Screenwriter
    3. Click "Agree" or "Confirm" on the dialog box that appears
    4. If Screenwriter continue to malfunction, please contact the HU Help Desk.
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